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jueves, 9 de agosto de 2012

Bandoleros are back in southern Spain

Deputy of UI Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo has justified the assault on two supermarkets in Arcos de la Frontera (Cádiz) and Ecija (Seville), promoted by the Andalusian Union of Workers (SAT), which is a leader.

Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo, who led the action in the area of ​​Seville, has claimed to have been carried out without violence. The attackers loaded several carts with food and necessities and then left without paying centers. The aim was to distribute food among the poorest neighborhoods of Andalusia, through the NGO Food Bank.

Since its founding a few years ago, the Andalusian Union of Workers -SAT- has been the union has received more attacks because of its independent status and not receive state subsidies. Now all the national press are designated as public enemy number one. But some things are not saying, nor informed of what the SAT is.

All the national press load inks right into a group of people who have nothing in common with the unions to use ie living on state aid and puts in question the current system of trade unions, while looking the other way before the excesses urban, widespread corrupt practices of the mayority parties.

The SAT is for the mayors trade unions UGT and CCOO the black beast in Andalucia, something they can not control, and are uncomfortable and annoying, in fact all the official press both openly declared socialist, as the openly pro PP charged against as the SAT have the slightest chance. The socialist because they are upset that a representative of the real left Andalusian soil they really can steal prominence and legitimacy and therefore state subsidies and government support. While CCOO and UGT own important buildings are spread throughout Andalucia, in cities and towns, vertical union inheritance received from Franco, the SAT does not receive state aid or public subsidies, or public buildings of any kind.

Some members of the SAT as Diego Cañamero have been pursued with fury by socialist candidates in towns where there have been only because they belong to a working option and left the real. Thus the Andalusian PSOE cob real fury has pursued all Permanent Secretaries Andalusian Workers' Union in recent years, with much more ardor against the neo-liberal and conservative.

The Andalusian Union of Workers has taken in recent months two farms, Turquillas and Somonte in Palma del Rio and Osuna, Ecija to employ workers in an area where unemployment rates have always been very high but now graze alarming rates, while the policies of the Junta de Andalucia and the government look the other way.

This is the first meeting between the state (PP) and the SAT and Madrid do not know how they spend Sanchez Gordillo. This is not a leader either, manages to perfect the techniques of propaganda, the media and is able to throw much of the rural Andalucia against the PP government, if the people see that one or some innocent will jail while tens or hundreds of suspected corrupt politicians go unpunished.

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